Nexian NX-G869 Cappucino

Nexian NX-G869 Cappucino Cheap touchscreen with Wi-Fi

The latest product from Nexian comes to targeting users among young people. Nexian NX-G869 Cappuccino, promising  powerful internet connection, and can become lifestyle trend in touch screen mode.

As name implies, Nexian NX-G869 Cappucino specifically for those of you who are youthful, limited funds, but want to enjoy a touch screen phone from trusted local brands. Coffee brown colored casing, made ​​of hard plastic and glossy patterned glitter. Main page of Nexian NX-G869 Cappucino, there is shortcut on the left screen. Contained at page icon grid menu and neatly arranged. This phone also features  live wallpaper, in the form of animation moves and can be changed by moving finger across the screen.

This phone is very supportive of fast surf. Performance GPRS / EDGE to Internet site was quite capable. Wi-Fi on this phone is also reliable very well. Nexian NX-G869 Cappucino also supports dual on GSM, camera and video recording, and multimedia features are complete.

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Nexian NX-G869 Cappucino. Post by: Barra Saputra | 4.5

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