Nexian Champion NX-G965

Nexian Champion NX-G965 Cheap dual GSM touchscreen with WiFi

Nexian brings new phones in family Nexian Touch Series. Nexian Champion NX-G965, appears with form a dynamic square with HQVGA Touchscreen LCD screen 3.5 inches. The screen is wider than  Nexian Cappuccino or other Nexian Touch Series. Nexian Champion is a Dual GSM mobile phone on 900/1800 MHz network and is equipped with a bluetooth, camera, video player, audio player, FM radio, external memory support and WiFi.

Nexian Champion has power Camera 2 MP and is equipped with features Face Detector which can automatically detect focus to the face or image of the object image. 3D User Interface features also pinned, where menus or features on menu can be displayed in 3D Animation so menus can move and change. There was also a Live Wallpaper, where  wallpaper may appear in the form of animated screen on the main screen so wallapaper that appear seem alive and can move.

Connection Champion Nexian NX-G965 is quite complete because in addition to relying on a canal connection GPRS / EDGE phone is also equipped with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and micro USB. In addition, there Nexian Messenger to chat to fellow Nexian phone. Nexian Zone, a sort of online store for downloading various contents are like ringtones, wallpapers, games other funds. And also Nexian Media Box, which is an application which allows to access a variety of news on Nexian Champion NX-G965.

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