Mito 611

Mito 611 big speaker and camera triple sensation

Camera is a medium for the eyes and soul. Philosophy popularized by Roger Kingston (senior photographer), inspired Mito in issuing new series of products, Mito 611. Not only is equipped with dual camera, this phone is equipped with three cameras at once. Innovations that provide creative space for the senses. 3 cameras spread over 3 point, rear, front, and the upper side. The interesting thing is the presence of cameras on the upper side, where you can make “candid” in taking photos or video.

Another advantage of Mito 611 is a big speaker that is on the back, able to deliver thunderous audio quality. Another surprise is voice feature, which allows you to enter various menus without having to look at screen. Even phone can read out SMS messages. Voice message is quite switched on sound settings menu. The voice is heard is sound of a grown woman, with a flat tones. This feature can only be run on t Indonesian mode.

Mito 611 priced at a cheap and has unique characteristics such as 3 cameras, big speakers, innovative language guide, make Mito 611 become confident, being able to make a difference with other local products.

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