BlackBerry Z10 – Potential Opponent of Samsung Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5

BlackBerry Z10 reportedly will soon be officially released by Research in Motion (RIM), precisely at the end of this month, January 30, 2013. Various leaks have been scattered either in the form of pictures and specifications. Rumors and leaked information about the latest BlackBerry phone became increasingly popping up to date. A few days before the launch date of BlackBerry Z10, many stores and carriers that opened pre-order BlackBerry Z10.

BlackBerry Z10 White

So what makes the BlackBerry Z10 so eagerly anticipated? RIM seems not to be outdone by other smartphone vendors that continues compete to be the best. BlackBerry Z10 presented to rival the Samsung Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5. Of course, this BlackBerry smartphone will also be equipped with features and specifications that are not inferior to its competitors.

For design, BlackBerry Z10 is more similar to the HTC One X smartphone white color version, while leaving the screen glass display and a black bezel. This smartphone has a touch screen display measuring 4.2 inches but not completely wrapped in white overall like the white version of the iPhone 5. With like these design, BlackBerry Z10 has an elegant look and it looks like a smartphone on the high-end segment.

Besides having an attractive external appearance, BlackBerry Z10 also has specifications that are also not less interesting. This smartphone will reportedly be equipped with a dual-core 1.5 GHz processor with 2GB of RAM support which will run on BlackBerry 10 operating system. More features were also interesting because it comes with an 8 megapixel main camera, Near Field Communication (NFC) technology and supports 4G LTE connectivity. New features not found on previous BlackBerry devices will also be raised. For example, there will be assistant-based voice recognition feature, like Siri on the iPhone. This smartphone will also be equipped with BlackBerry Hub feature.

For the price is still not so clear. Previously, quoted from the pages of Engadget, the price leaked BlackBerry Z10 will be priced for about 480 pounds or about U.S. $ 760, without a contract with the carrier. But now there is a price version of BGR, which is somewhat more affordable. BGR page says RIM will price BlackBerry Z10 below the price of U.S. $ 199, which is the standard price of a smartphone. BGR called BlackBerry Z10 priced around U.S. $ 149 with a two-year contract. If BGR version pricing information is true, of course, BlackBerry Z10 could be a new breath for RIM. It’s not impossible BlackBerry to compete Android and iPhone devices with BlackBerry Z10 presence.

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BlackBerry Z10 – Potential Opponent of Samsung Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5. Post by: Barra Saputra | 4.5
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